They are shocked

I’ve never done that before to the extent where I went to the cops before and said okay

You will see…and I said even down to insurance and crazy stuff that is mine and my 17 year old and has nothing to do with them.

Yet what people see me do is not dig all into their lives. Then he would try that . Well she must not care if she doesn’t even know what school or…

Right and they would act like I am supposedly crazy and didn’t want me at their house.

They will paint people in some psycho ass ways then wonder why I stay away from them. It’s not fear its save the drama for someone else who would bother.

If they’re honest they realize how psycho the shit they’ve said about me is. Right down to lying that they didn’t know where I lived

Manipulation over…it must have been someone that for real checked them


The police

Are on it…I guess he thought that was a story. Oh she didnt… oh that cop didn’t immediately say I bet you your…

He gets that kind of tunnel vision arrogant where you are shocked when you see they really think the shit they do is legal.

Who told them right

I told you they feel justified all from reading my blog to point fingers.

I heard someone checking my 2nd ex’s wife about her comprehension of law.

Someone was saying to her you can’t do that. She kept referring to my blog and I said. I guess someone realize they tried that in court already for real and that judge was looking at them crazy.

They don’t realize they are stalking and harassing. But when she said it to someone about my blog…

Someone told her you harassed for real on social media…that is against the law and she(me) could sue for defemation.

See how oblivious they are…

So in essence lying their asses off and people can see legally** what I tried and did…

They get extreme in their accusations and lies but when you go look you see countless times I said modify the visitations and compromise then we can speak about a damn passport.

Instead they’ve harassed for years for real like I’m unreasonable.

I guess people caught them for real doing illegal ass shit.

So I was right in how I handled things. I said watch when my oldest gets into public school. My ex will try to have people start in on him.

You’d never believe how justified they feel to have done some crazy shit.